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Mantra, a Philippine Traditional Chicken (PTC)

Time was when Sabong was pure tradition. No commercialization, no organized gambling. Just hobby, recreation and culture.

In the good old days, the roosters we showed in the pit were of the same chicken we ate. Sabong then was plain tradition and it contributed to food production.

Those chickens were not just ordinary native, or heritage chicken found anywhere in the world, they were Philippine Traditional Chicken (PTC) found in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, our PTCs before were wiped out with the advent of the Texas. We will try to not make it happen again.

Thus, it occurred to us why don't we develop a PTC that could compete with the expensive bloodlines of today? Many among us can do it. All it takes are a little understanding of the science of breeding and genetics, and some experience in raising gamefowl in particular, and chicken in general.

Let’s develop, breed and raise our respective PTCs.

That’s why we are developing a PTC, named Mantra -- Manok Tradisyon.

It is a way to enjoy sabong the tradition, at the same time contribute to food production, and perhaps earn a little in the sidelines.

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tradisyon at ambag

sa food production

Ang Manok Tradisyon (Mantra) ay ginawa para sa masang magmamanok. Pwedeng pangmesa pwedeng pang ruweda. Tulad noon araw na ang ating manok na panlaban ay siya ring uri ng manok para sa ating hapag kainan. Ito ang sabong na tradisyon.

Manok na pangmesa, pero pwedeng pang rueda. Pagtagyod sa tradisyon na sabong at tulong din sa food production.


With little knowledge of genetics it is no longer remote for us to create and breed a type of chicken that will do for both meat and for fighting. Everybody who understands a little genetics and with a lot of experience in gamefowl might be able to do it. A little genetics is necessary to be able to retain the kind of meat that we want for the eating. Ang vast experience in gamefowl is necessary to keep the traits that are required for fighting. Double mating is the key. The right male line cross with the right female line. It is as simple as that.


Mantra is game, very much gamer than the ordinary native. It cuts well too. It fights as fiercely as the American.

It is designed to compete against American Game. The American is the best fighting breed of today when it comes to armed rooster combat. A way to beat the American on its own game is to fight like the American, only little bit better.

Test fights ng nagsimula
noon pang 2016

Video: A precursor of Mantra, the Habagat, winning a fight in a derby. A few years ago we had already started fighting forerunners of Habagat.

Ang Habagat ay binuo galing sa mga matagtag na linyada. 2016 pa ng magsimula ang mga test fights ng mga precursors or prototypes ng Habagat.


Ang Habagat ay siya na ang tinatawag na Mantra ngayon, isang Philippine Traditional Chicken.

Ang linyada ng itim na nasa video ay siyang nagbibibigay ng killer instinct at quick reflexes sa Habagat. Maige itong pundasyon sa female side of Habagat.

Measuring up to our own goals,

not against anybody else's standards


Mantra is a meat chicken that could compete in the pit. Ang manok para sa masang magmamanok. Pwedeng pang mesa, pwedeng pang ruweda. Tulad noong araw na ang ating panlaban ay siya ring uri ng manok para hapag kainan. Walang komersyalisasyon, lubos tradisyon.


We have developed our own dual purpose, for eating and for fighting chicken. It is not a bloodline designed to compete against any breed of chicken. Not against other meat chickens, not against other gamefowl. Mantra is a different class of chicken with purposes of its own. One of which is to bring back Sabong, the tradition, without commercialization and big time gambling.


But don't take the Mantra lightly, it is a meat chicken intended to compete against the best American.


However, the ability to compete in the pit is only but one attribute of tMantra. Mantra is actually, commercially viable even raising it for meat alone. Its being saleable as fighting cock is just a big bunos, an opportunity open to farmers in the Philippine scenario because cockfighting is legal here.


We are measuring up to our own goals, not against anybody else's standards.


Cebu, Philippines